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Eliminate Stains and Odor for Good!

Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator™ is a revolutionary new product that destroys the source of human- and pet-origin odors and stains such as stains from urine, feces, blood, vomit, perspiration and much more. Rather than simply masking odors and removing only surface stains like leading competitor products, Urine Eliminator's™ EverFresh® technology removes surface-level odor immediately while active enzymes seek out and consume the deep-down source of stains and odors. It even destroys odors deep within the carpet backing and pad, deterring pets from re-marking the area.

When you order Urine Eliminator™, you will receive the following:

  • 2 24-oz. spray bottles of Urine Eliminator™
  • 1 24-oz. spray bottle of Spot & Stain Remover
  • Urine Detector UV light for detecting hidden sources of odors and stains

Safe for Your Family and Pets

Urine Eliminator™ is safe for humans and pets. It can be used on mattresses, pet beds, carpets, upholstery, and almost anywhere you need to remove pet- or human-origin stains and odors.

Complete the following steps to destroy stains and odors for good:

  1. In a darkened room, scan the carpet or upholstery with the Urine Detector light about 6 inches above suspect areas. Contaminated carpets and materials will glow where accidents have occurred.
  2. Generously spray the contaminated area with Urine Eliminator™. Be sure to thoroughly wet the area so the product reaches the backing and pad. Do not blot or wipe the area.
  3. Place a damp, color-safe towel over the area and let the area dry naturally.
  4. If stains and odors persist, repeat application after the area has dried. Highly contaminated areas may require a second application.

Tell Us About Your Success with Urine Eliminator™

This revolutionary product is changing the way people approach pet and human accidents. Please share your feedback with us.

Customer Reviews

Dog owner (Reviewed 6/11/14)
The product works great but the blacklight that was sent did not work. I had to jump through hoops with the customer service agents who were not too pleasant to talk to. I'm hoping they will replace it. Still haven't been able to get ahold of someone. I left a message on the answering machine.
Cat Man (Reviewed 3/12/14)
This product is great, goodbye cat urine smell!
Patty (Reviewed 2/21/14)
My intact male dachshund is the sweetest thing & a credit to his breed. But... if it has a corner or is new to the house, he has to make it his own. Have tried every spray, machine & product out there. NONE beats this one. Spray on the product, cover with a damp rag for a while and watch the magic happen. The rag absorbs the urine/marking!
Harmreduction (Reviewed 12/7/13)
Love this stuff. I recommend the package to every new puppy guardian. My carpets always look and smell as though my babies have been perfect angels since birth....
Carole S. (Reviewed 9/22/13)
Wonderful product that really works! I have a 17 yr old blind Maltese who has accidents. I Found this product and swear by it. I highly recommended it.
Wilma P (Reviewed 6/21/13)
We have 1 dog and 2 cats and occasionally we have an accident. The Urine Eliminator really works.
Lisa B. (Reviewed 6/16/13)
This line of products is amazing! I still do not understand how it works, but it does!
Donna Hartzell (Reviewed 4/23/13)
Like others, I have tried every stain and odor eliminator that i could find and NOTHING worked.. Then i tried the one from rug doctor. WOW! I have recommended it to everyone i know. I just wish i could purchase it in large amounts. I have an older dog that sometimes can't make it till i come home. I use my Rug Doctor a lot .
crystal (Reviewed 2/2/13)
I use this stuff for my cats urine. It's the best product i've found to actually eliminate the smell.
Claudia Beaver (Reviewed 1/9/13)
Urine Eliminator is an awesome product. I have tried everything and this is the only product that truly removes the urine and the odor.
Mary (Reviewed 11/7/12)
I have an older cat who tends to throw up on a regular basis. She also gets picky about her litter box. My brother discovered this product and I swear by it now! Not only does it remove every stain I've ever used it on, there is never any odor from either the mess or the product. My apartment still smells fresh and clean no matter how much she messes it up!
Kelli (Reviewed 11/4/12)
We used this formula today for the first time and the outcome is amazing! Our carpet needed a good cleaning since our newest family member is a puppy being housebroken. I highly recommend this product for new and old stains, both the stains and odors are gone.
Elana (Reviewed 10/9/12)
Miracle in a bottle!
Franklymydear (Reviewed 8/2/12)
Great product! Only product that gets stains out and removes smells.
AmandaB (Reviewed 5/29/12)
My one year old large breed dog recently started marking and cleaning has been tough. The Rug Doctor Eliminator wipes have been the most amazing product - fully removing the odors and stains with minimal effort. Best product I've tried yet.
Kim (Reviewed 3/21/12)
After having a roommate with a special needs dog that was not well house trained, I despaired of ever getting the odors out of the carpets. Luckily, I spotted this product. It works soooo much better than anything else I've tried (and I've tried many!)
Brooke Dewdney (Reviewed 3/17/12)
Omg! This product really works. We had so many puppy pee stains in our bedroom. We tried everything oxy clean etc... Even watered down bleach. We rented a rug doctor and used the pet removal products and lets say we got our deposits back. Thank you Doc.
Lynette (Reviewed 2/25/12)
I have 5 animals and have been going crazy trying to eliminate the odor, as I like a really clean house....this stuff is amazing and the best I have EVER found. I also use the green non-toxic product.
Mollys mom (Reviewed 11/28/11)
BEST stuff ever!!
MJ (Reviewed 10/8/11)
As an owner of an older cat with health problems, I've used many products to try to remove the stains that result when he upchucks his food. This has worked great on all but the living room carpet. I think it is the carpet's problem, not the product.
Excellent Odor Remover (Reviewed 9/30/11)
I've found other products that will remove stains, but as any pet owner knows, that is less than half the battle. Urine Eliminator gets 5 stars for doing the rest of the job- getting rid of the hard to deal with odor. This is an excellent product, and I really love the light. It's helped me locate and eliminate odors from old carpet soils that I never could have properly dealt with otherwise. Excellent product!!!
Scott M. (Reviewed 9/18/11)
This is by far the best product for this purpose! I have tried many "similar" products but this is the only one that truly works! New stains, old stains, it takes out both. And not just the stain itself, but the smell is absolutely gone! It has also prevented my dog from going again since he can't smell the previous stain. Thank you SO much for making a product that actually does what it says. Please don't stop making this product or change the formulation...it's truly a much needed miracle!
Lucy W. (Reviewed 8/19/11)
I too have tried the Urine Eliminator and wish I would have had it sooner.I am working on the stains with great results .I am so thankful to you people for making this product.Keep up the good work and I will be getting more of this I am sure.
Ken W. (Reviewed 8/19/11)
I just wanted to drop you a note to say that the Urine Eliminator is awesome. After 6 years of trying so many products that would take out urine I tried yours and it was like a miracle. It took out deep urine spots and they're gone completely! It just takes a few days for it to work all the way. Had I had this earlier we may not have had to replace our entire upstairs carpet with laminate! Thanks and don't ever stop making this product!
LoReah (Reviewed 8/19/11)
This is the best product I have found to take the dog urine stains out of my cream color carpet, and I have tried a lot of products over the past 25 years!! You of course have to catch the stains when they are fresh, but it has definitely made my life much easier. Please do NOT stop making this.
Val P. (Reviewed 8/19/11)
We moved into a house that already had stains on the white carpets, and having 2 dogs living with us just added more. We tried the Urine Eliminator on both the old and the new stains, and it worked miracles on both. I've already spread the word with my other pet-owning friends!
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